Top 10 Box Trailer Repairs

Trailer Repair / February 8, 2018

Box trailer repairs are commonly encountered at Ainsworth, owing to the wide range of industries these mighty and multi-functional vehicles serve. Despite the wide variety of sizes, configurations, and applications of box trucks, from the generic to the specific, they nonetheless share many common conditions…  

How to Avoid Costly Tractor Trailer Repairs

Tractor-Trailer Repair / February 2, 2018

Whether you’re a fleet manager at a corporate transport and logistics company, or a budding small business owner, you’ve got a lot on your mind, making it easy for tractor trailer maintenance to be bypassed. However these vehicles experience constant abuse, ranging from heavy loads to pothole-ridden roads and steep hills. Such constant wear-and-tear, without […]

Nix the Band-Aids – Get Your Trailer Roof Leak Repaired Here

Trailer Roof Repair / January 12, 2018

  Tired of taping, caulking, or constantly re-patching your trailer roof? You need a roof leak repair that will last, and Ainsworth Trailer Repair of Denver has you covered, with fast, affordable roof repairs done right.

How-To-Guide: Measuring Trailer Springs for Replacement

Trailer Repair / January 3, 2018

Springs on your boat trailer or hauler worn out? Properly measuring trailer springs for replacement is key to ordering the right parts the first time.

Single or Double Axle Utility Trailer: Which is Better?

Utility Trailer Repair / December 13, 2017

  When your friends find out you’re shopping for a single or double axle utility trailer, everyone’s got an opinion. Who’s right? The devil’s in the details of driver experience and trailer use…

Does Your Tractor Trailer Air Brake System Need to Be Repaired? What Drivers Need to Know

Trailer Break Repair / December 7, 2017

Largely ignored until problems pop-up, you depend on your tractor trailer air brake system to keep your truck, cargo and fellow roadside passengers safe. But when brakes don’t respond as expected in unusual circumstances, was the panic-inducing incident merely a one-off occurrence? Or is there a potentially more dangerous problem bubbling up?

Sure Signs You Need Trailer Brake Service

Trailer Break Repair / November 20, 2017

Feel like you’re starring in the latest rendition of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride? Chances are, it’s long past time for trailer brake service. Water, heavy loads, pothole-ridden roads, and steep hills take their toll on brake system components, making timely brake maintenance and repair essential to the safety and longevity of your trusty trailer.

Here’s the Rub: Which Hub Lube is Best for Your Hauler?

Trailer Repair / November 13, 2017

Trailer bearing maintenance has recently gotten more complicated, with the introduction of hybrid lubrication products to the market. Which is best for keeping your hauler running smoothly? Let’s take a look at the evolution, performance, and maintenance needs of today’s trailer bearing lubrication options… 

Don’t Let Snowmobile Tilt Trailer Maintenance Slide

Trailer Repair / October 11, 2017

It’s exciting to go through your snowmobile with a fine tooth comb in preparation for the upcoming season, but have you given any thought to your snowmobile tilt trailer? Commonly used, abused, and ignored, your hauler needs a little TLC too.

Know When Semi-Trailer Leaf Springs Go Bad

Tractor-Trailer Repair / September 19, 2017

Gravity is rough. As time goes by it can work against you, taking a toll on your manly/girlish figure, and the figure of your truck. Among the top body parts taking a beating? Your semi-trailer leaf springs, bouncing and banging their way through thousands of miles of heavy loads and pothole-ridden abuse. Are you just […]

Is Your Small Trailer Axle System Putting You in Danger?

Small Trailer Repair / September 5, 2017

Regular maintenance to small trailer axles can prevent a mountain of woe. Daily wear, unknown damage, and overlooked or ignored repair and maintenance needs can take a toll on the complex geometry of the system, potentially resulting in a slew of expensive situations.

Why Quick & Dirty Roof Leak Repairs May Be a High & Mighty Mistake

Trailer Repair / August 11, 2017

The Tiniest Trailer Roof Leak Can Lead to a Barrel of Problems Barraged by branches, wind, rain, snow and ice. Beaten by road debris and chemicals. Dinged (or annihilated) by low-hanging road signage. Subject to extreme temperature changes… Subject to such extreme conditions, all trailer roofs can suffer leaks, even new ones. Should you slap […]

Different Brake Systems for Trailers

Trailer Break Repair / July 12, 2017

Brake Systems for Trailers – Which is Best? Frequent haulers and those lugging heavy loads require more braking power than the typical tow vehicle provides. In these situations, additional brake systems for trailers can provide the necessary stopping power to ensure safety and reduce wear-and-tear on tow vehicle brakes.

Boat Trailer Bearing Replacement: How Long Do They Last?

Boat Trailer Repair / July 3, 2017

Putting off boat trailer wheel bearing replacement? If bearings fail, wheels can literally fall off the vehicle, and your boat will definitely go sailing off in the sunset… Just not quite the way you’d envisioned. Bearings should be greased, taken apart and serviced at least once per year. But that’s not a hard and fast […]

The Woes of Improper Trailer Alignment

Trailer Alignment / June 1, 2017

The Woes of Improper Trailer Alignment Most weekend warriors never give a second thought to trailer alignment. Even some hard-earning haulers overlook it. However neglecting regular alignment can cause you to leave a trail of money in your wake, adversely affecting safety, performance and function. 

Mobile Repair Made Our Business at Ainsworth Trailer Repair

Articles / November 22, 2016

At Ainsworth we make mobile repairs on every type of trailer on the road today. No matter the size or the style, from the smallest light utility trailers, to recreational toy haulers, to anything hauled as a tractor-trailer rig, we will perform roadside mobile repairs upon it if it is possible. Long before we had […]

Ainsworth Trailer Repair of Denver—Trailer Brake Repair with No Equal

Articles / November 11, 2016

From semi trailer air brakes to surge brake set ups on single axle trailers, Ainsworth Trailer Repair performs trailer brake repair on any size trailer. No matter what you use your trailer for, work or play, faulty brakes are show stoppers. The problem with failing trailer brakes is that they usually make themselves known while […]

Aluminum Semi-Trailer Repair–Ainsworth Welds Aluminum Correctly, Preserving Your Investment

Articles / October 19, 2016

With all the rage over fuel economy, once exotic aluminum frame or constructed trailers have become quite popular. That popularity necessitates aluminum semi-trailer repair know-how and Ainsworth Trailer Repair of Denver has that expertise. For some classes of trailers, particularly cattle liners, bull haulers or cattle pots, the cream of the crop choice for these […]

Quality Trailer Roof Repair in Denver—Ainsworth is Your Answer

Articles / October 12, 2016

At Ainsworth Trailer Repair of Denver, we perform OEM quality trailer roof repairs that preserve the money you have invested in your trailer. Whether your leak is an ongoing problem, or moisture is just beginning to appear where and when it shouldn’t be, having the experts at Ainsworth Trailer Repair of Denver is going to […]

Semi-Trailer Repair—Winter Is Coming Whether Your Suspension is Ready or Not

Articles / October 3, 2016

At Ainsworth, we got our start in doing mobile semi-trailer repair. Over the years, one of the things we have seen is that fleet managers, drivers, and owner/operators tend to believe everything on their trailers is fine—until they aren’t. With winter coming soon, now is the time to get scheduled for either fleet maintenance, or […]