Trailer Frame Repair

Your trailer really takes a beating, suffering the repetitive stress of heavy hauls, high curbs, and pot-holed road conditions that can rapidly lead to the need for trailer frame repair. Although nearly all regularly used trailers experience some sort of damage resulting from these circumstances, damage to the trailer frame requires immediate and careful attention to prevent the possibility of functional and safety issues.

Trailer Frame Repair Might Solve Your Pulling Problems?

At Ainsworth Trailer Repair, we see a variety of trailer frame troubles, from those caused by repetitive stress, to those arising from jack knifing and accidents. Such damage can affect the way a trailer “tracks”, leading to the trailer not following directly behind the tow vehicle. This can create an array of towing difficulties: Annoying shimmies and sways, overcomplicated backups, frequent curbing – and especially excess tire wear and a rise in fuel consumption can be traced back to frame damage. More than an inconvenience, these pulling problems can result in significant safety issues and transport predicaments.

We Can Help You Dodge Disaster

Repairing frame damage is serious work, requiring heavy duty tools, specialty equipment, and expertise. Our seasoned technicians and state of the art equipment, including an assortment of welders and power and plasma cutting tools suitable for aluminum and steel, allow us to handle nearly any trailer frame problem, giving them the attention to detail they deserve. From hot dog carts to heavy haulers, bent and cracked frames to dilapidated decking, we’ve seen it all here in our 13 bay, 20,000 square foot facility.

Keep Things Straight

Let us solve your truck or trailer frame challenges. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been providing fast, lasting, OEM-quality repairs, earning loyal clientele from the Colorado area and beyond. Schedule your free trailer frame repair estimate and discover why customers not just in the Denver area, but countrywide, seek out our stellar services. Contact Ainsworth Trailer Repair today.