Trailer Wiring Repair

Trailer Wiring Repair

Trailer wiring is one of the most challenging elements to repair. Often strung under the trailer undercarriage, trailer wiring is subjected to moisture, road salt and flying debris kicked up by the tires. If we’re lucky, the damage is obvious with hanging, broken wires. However, most times a break in the wire happens without a break in the plastic sheathing, making the connection sporadic and hard to visually identify.

Wiring Repair Process

The Ainsworth trailer wiring repair professionals take a systematic approach to tracking down broken wires and loose connections by isolating each area individually and tracing the lines until the break is identified. Then the break is repaired with water tight connections versus cheap clamp on connections. This creates a long lasting repair that will not fail again – we guarantee it!

For older trailers that are in need of new trailer wiring, we do not splice in pieces, but instead rewire the trailer from the lights to the truck connection, ensuring that when you leave, your trailer will be rewired completely, ensuring many more years of service. That is the Ainsworth way!