Fleet Trailer Maintenance

Fleet Managers

Are you responsible for:

  • Maintaining the image of your company’s fleet?
  • Matching the extent of needed repairs to the value of a particular trailer?
  • Keeping older equipment running properly without investing too much in them to get an ROI?
  • Sourcing trailer maintenance services that fit in your budget?
  • Needing quick turnaround of trailer repairs, big or small?
  • Cycling your fleet repairs consistently to keep everything in good running condition?

Whether you do your fleet maintenance in-house or hire it out, Ainsworth Trailer Repairs have the qualified mechanics, facilities and expertise to support your in house staff – or be your staff.

We provide the following services and qualities to many fleet operators with facilities in Colorado:

  • Preventive maintenance,
  • Comprehensive fleet care,
  • On-site maintenance,
  • Innovative repairs – we are really good at finding ways to do repairs better that last longer,
  • Trailer parts in stock, or just down the road,
  • Mobile maintenance and 24-hour roadside assistance,
  • Maintenance performed by mechanics trained in multiple disciplines,
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment
  • No unexpected surprises when it comes to your budget
  • We fabricate many of our own parts and patches because we can do it better and cheaper


Fleet Dispatchers

Are you responsible for:

  • Making sure you have the right equipment you need for your jobs/routes?
  • Keeping schedules accurate and consistent?
  • Managing a huge roster of deliveries?
  • Keeping your customers by getting their shipments to them when scheduled?

We recognize that without properly maintained equipment, your job is nearly impossible. We also can tell you that we have built Ainsworth Trailer Repair exactly to the general working model of corporate fleet’s needs:

  • Express lanes for fast service of small jobs
  • Huge assortment of standard trailer parts on hand
  • Proactive monthly maintenance programs
  • Express delivery of almost any standard trailer part we don’t stock
  • Repairs done with production line efficiency: quickly, accurately, consistently and permanently
  • Mechanics who move fast, but do great work

Trailer fleet maintenance is where Ainsworth Trailer got its start. In 1998, Shaw Carpet took a chance on us and contracted with a small mobile trailer repair service to make repairs to a fleet of over 50 trailers that were dispatched all over the country from Shaw’s Denver warehouse. Shaw is the world’s largest producer of carpet with distribution centers throughout the country. From that fateful encounter and leap of confidence, Ainsworth Trailer Repair was created. And we’re proud to say that Shaw Carpet is still a valued client today after 15 years. We also have served King Soopers, Bullocks, the Denver Post, Prime Trailer Leasing, and many other fleet companies.

We take maintaining your fleet of trailers very seriously because we know it may be one of the most critical aspects of managing your fleet. With the immense wear and tear that happens to trailers, any fleet operator knows that maintenance is a capitol expense that is necessary to keep goods and materials flowing through it’s distribution centers.