Air System Repairs

Protecting Air Systems Operation

Vital to trailers and semitrailers, air systems are the preferred braking system that allows not only for the safe, efficient stopping of these large, heavy-use vehicles, but allows for the fast coupling of multiple trailers with braking capabilities in-cab. Convenient in such large and multi-trailer units, close attention to air system repairs and maintenance of these heavy-duty systems are integral to avoiding unnecessary accidents and lawsuits.

The Grand Trifecta

Rather than utilizing liquid as a mode of transmission for braking force, as is the case in the hydraulic braking systems of passenger vehicles, air brake systems allow for the incorporation of three different braking systems in one, including service, emergency, and parking brake systems. Entirely dependent on the air brake system of the towing vehicle for air supply and control, the system must be in excellent condition to deliver optimum trailer brake performance.

Putting a Stop to Problems

A veritable maze of interconnected components, moisture, dirt, oil, and other contaminants can gum-up the works of these systems if not properly maintained, resulting in system leakage; insufficient, slow, or uneven brake application; or brakes that do not release or apply that will ultimate lead to one of two scenarios: A disabled vehicle, or an accident. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the system by a professional is therefore crucial to ensure safe, timely delivery, and protect drivers and passersby.

Keeping Things In Line

Ainsworth Trailer Repair has 115 years of combined experience handling brake system issues. Our 20,000 square foot shop, 13-bays and 18 experienced technicians provide affordable, fast, OEM-quality repairs and maintenance on…

  • Single or dual systems
  • Brake drums, shoes, and linings
  • Brake adjustments
  • Disc, wedge, and S-cam brakes
  • Spring brakes
  • ABS malfunction
  • Fluid & systems maintenance
  • Safety valves & proper settings
  • Pinched lines, pressure & leakage issues
  • Broken belts
  • Brake lights & stoplight switch issues
  • Air compressors
  • Governor controls
  • Air storage tanks
  • Tank drainage
  • Heating devices
  • Evaporators

Roadside Lock-Up?

We can bail you out fast, with emergency roadside assistance you can count on. A brief call and description of system issues, and a seasoned technician will be dispatched with the parts you need to get you on your way.

With so much riding on your brake system, trust in the superior, A+ Better Business Bureau-rated service only our air systems experts can provide. Contact Ainsworth Trailer Repair to schedule your routine system maintenance or repair today.