Bumper Pull Trailer Repair

Ainsworth Trailer Repair welcomes owners of any size trailer, from small utility trailers to boat trailers and campers. When it comes down to it, all trailers have the same mechanical and repair issues.

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Fleet Trailer

Whether you do your fleet maintenance in-house or hire it out, Ainsworth Trailer Repairs have the qualified mechanics, facilities and expertise to support your in house staff – or be your staff

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Semi Trailer

Making repairs to your tractor or trailer is the foundation of Ainsworth Trailer Repair. We will quickly fix your tractor/trailer right the first time and have you back on the road. That’s my promise to you

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Mobile Trailer

Whether on the job site, or on the side of the road, an unmovable trailer reduces your options. Our mobile repair units are fully equipped with the right tools & expertise to get you moving again.

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Comments from our customers:

"I've never been to a more helpful place. I rolled into town on way to Alabama on a schedule with a trailer that was incapacitated. The guys at Ainsworth went above and beyond to get me back on the road in less than 24 hours. I would recommend their services to anyone. Very pleased with the customer service and quality of the repair performed."

Chad Linkel

"First off, I called the business phone number to store it to call later in the morning. I immediately got a call from the owner Jerry. I think I woke him up (felt bad). He was so friendly on the phone, wanted to know my problems, and not once seemed irritated on the phone as I explained my boat trailer dilemma."

J Bauer

"We damaged our trailer axles on a road construction site . We could not find an axle to fit in Oklahoma City forcing us to call Ainsworth Trailer in Denver. Jerry looked for parts and promptly called us back. He understood our situation and said he would help us when we arrived. They replaced our axles charging us what they had estimated."

Lon Hinde

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Welcome to Ainsworth Trailer Repair, Inc.

For nearly 20 years, Ainsworth Trailer Repair has been providing fast, affordable, OEM-quality repairs that last. Serving Denver, Colorado and surrounding regions since 1998, even interstate owner/operators seek out our stellar services to ensure a job done right.

Any Trailer – Any Repair

Tractor-trailers, fleet trailers, trailer rentals, utility trailers, cargo trailers, bumper pole trailers, boat trailers, even hot dog carts – if you can tow it, we can fix it at Ainsworth. Our multiple express lanes are staffed with experienced technicians skilled in multiple aspects of trailer repair to get you back on the road fast, no matter the repair.

Emergency Service

Broken down? Call us, and we'll come to your roadside location.

Lasting, Quality Repairs

You won't find "quick fixes" at Ainsworth. When trailers leave our facilities, we know our repair work will be seen all over Colorado - and beyond. Frequently re-doing the (substandard) repairs of other shops and truck stops, we're proud of our work and the word-of-mouth business it brings, and it shows.

Fleet Trailer Maintenance & FHWA Inspections

Want to ensure the safety and compliance of your fleet, extend trailer life, and prevent unnecessary and expensive repairs and downtime? We also offer, fast, convenient fleet trailer maintenance and multi-state FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) inspections.

Understanding, Professional Service

From fleet managers to owner-operators, we understand your budgeting concerns and the urgency to get (and keep) vehicles back on the road. Likewise, we understand even the smallest utility trailer used for business or recreational use has value, repairing it to see it safely back on the road with the highest level of care. It's this level of care and service that drives loyal out-of-state clients, which account for nearly half our repairs, to seek us out specifically during their travels for the completion of work.

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