Trailer Roof Repair

Trailer Roof RepairRepair Your Trailer Roof – the Ainsworth Way

Signs from above pointing to the need to repair your trailer roof? Ainsworth Trailer repair can help, with quality, timely trailer roof repairs for the protection of your valuable equipment and cargo.

More Than a Patch Job

Don’t settle for inferior, quick-fixes when it comes to trailer roof repair. Enclosed trailers require very tight tolerances on overlapping panels and rivets to keep things weather-tight. Slapping on a patch may work in a pinch, but this unsightly solution will ultimately leak, prematurely decreasing the value of your equipment and causing damage to what you are hauling.

Repairs Done Right

Though all trailer roofs keep things under cover, each roofing material is unique in the way it must be maintained and repaired, from aluminum, to rubber, and translucent fiberglass roof panels. Apply the wrong material or technique, and your trailer and its contents could end up soaked.

Taking It to the Next Level

To protect your trailer and cargo, Ainsworth Trailer Repair professionals do things “the Ainsworth way,” foregoing quick patch jobs in favor of removing damaged panels rivet-by-rivet, not only replacing them with similar materials, but going the extra mile to apply industrial adhesive to each joint, then utilizing specialty machinery and equipment to stretch roof coverings tightly back to manufacturer OEM standards. This means no loose materials noisily flapping in the wind, and no soaked cargo at the end of your destination.

Don’t Assume Your Roof Will Last Forever

Like other components on your hauler and trailer, roofs also need regular maintenance to protect against major repairs. Daily wear-and-tear and even normal freeze/thaw cycles can wear down seals, promoting cracks that could put your trailer and cargo at risk from water damage, mold, and rot. Never overlook the importance of routine inspection and maintenance to prevent against the need for unnecessary roofing repairs.

What’s Your Damage?

At Ainsworth, we can return your trailer roof back to OEM specifications, installing new sections of roof panels or a whole new roof/skin following many types of damage…

  • Deteriorated joints welds and seals
  • Cracks, holes, and punctures
  • Gouges and tears
  • Bent, broken or cracked roof bows and carlins
  • Damaged rails
  • Even extensive accident damage

Interested in an Upgrade?

While we’re tackling your toughest roof issues, talk to your Ainsworth Trailer Repair professional about the possibility of added translucent roof panels, or the addition of interior lighting to your existing trailer roof for improved visibility.

Don’t slap a band-aid on your trailer. Repair your trailer roof the Ainsworth way. Discover why our reputation in the industry is second-to-none. Contact us today.