Trailer Floor Repairs

Trailer floor repairs are an inevitable part of trailer maintenance. Frequent loading and unloading of cargo, as well as heavy forklift traffic, impacts the durability and strength of flooring over time. Left unchecked, eventually these issues can lead to lost or damaged cargo, injured workers, and ultimately, unhappy customers and lost business.

Don’t Tread On Me

Masking larger floor problems by simply tossing a patch overtop may seem like a cheap and effective solution, however these temporary repairs result in far worse troubles down the road. Left unchecked, they weaken underlying trailer structures, including surrounding flooring, and later costly railing, cross members, and other structural components. Additionally, these “temporary” patches trap moisture between decking materials, compounding damage and rot. These issues not only devaluing your trailer, they substantially increase future repair costs, and put your business at risk of inventory loss and far-costlier personal injury liability when flooring shifts or fails.

Walk this Way

The longer you intend on keeping your trailer, the better your floor materials and design should be to minimize flooring maintenance and repair needs (and down time) over the life of your trailer. Lasting repairs, in addition to choosing a flooring system that meets the daily demands and intended life expectancy is essential. From budget-friendly plywood and pine to hardworking hardwood, shiplap, laminated, aluminum, and steel surfaces, as well as specialty rubber-infused, roller bed floors, and live/walking floors, the industry-experienced professionals at Ainsworth are here to help you find the perfect flooring type to meet your needs and your budget.

Lighten Your Load

Our service department is staffed and equipped to handle all of your trailer repair needs, from minor repairs to major flooring changes on any size or style of trailer, semi-sized to one-horse haulers. Trained and experienced, the Ainsworth crew provides timely, comprehensive, OEM-quality trailer decking repair, using only the best techniques and materials to provide safe, lasting repairs and improvements, including…

  • Loose or rotted boards
  • Cracks in aluminum
  • Rust
  • Weld separations
  • Railing and cross member repair
  • Non-slip coatings
  • Painting/color matching

Under Pressure?

Don’t settle for patchwork flooring “band-aids.” Protect yourself against snowballing damage and excessive future repair costs and liability with the professional trailer floor repair services at Ainsworth Trailer Repair. Our 20,000 square foot, 13- bay facilities and professional and efficient staff are waiting to get you safely back on the road where you belong. Come and discovers our unbeatable prices and unparalleled service that brings customers back again and again. Contact Ainsworth for your complimentary repair quote for your trailer floor today.