Liftgate Repairs

Liftgate Repairs to Handle Your Heaviest Loads

Putting off liftgate repair? Proper liftgate maintenance and repair are integral to safe, efficient liftgate operation. Timely attention to these needs not only decreases the risk of malfunction and emergency roadside services, but speeds delivery times, protects inventory from mishandling and damage, and prevents worker injury due to liftgate-related snafus.

Is Your Liftgate Overused and Abused?

Over time, your liftgate will slowly deteriorate, even with normal wear-and-tear. Colder climates increase this decline. With a myriad of moving parts, many issues can result without routine maintenance and necessary repairs. Moving parts must be in good work order to ensure peak performance and safety, otherwise manual loading and resultant (unnecessary) injuries could take their toll on cargo, your workers, and ultimately your business.

All Hands On-Deck!

When an issue arises with your liftgate, you need trusted service you can rely on for safe repairs – not quick fixes. Liftgate fluid is under extreme pressure, and can create a dangerous situation if not properly addressed. With hydraulic systems building pressure up to 3,000 psi, precautions are necessary during maintenance to avoid injury both during – and after – repairs. Rest assured, the experienced staff at Ainsworth will ensure your safety, thoroughly diagnosing liftgate needs and handling them with an attention-to-detail to ensure safe, lasting, OEM-quality repairs.

Lighten Your Load

At Ainsworth, we can safely install, maintain, refinish, or repair any year, make and model of liftgate, stocking a large inventory of critical parts to get your back on the road fast. We excel at timely, quality repairs – not quick fixes – addressing your liftgate needs correctly the first time, whether you’re using a conventional, cantilever, flip/tuck-away, global, rail-type, or side-load model liftgate. We can provide a complimentary quote for any liftgate need:

  • Fluid changes
  • Cylinder rebuild & repair
  • Power unit rebuild & repair
  • Pressure testing
  • Structural issues
  • Rust & corrosion
  • Welding & fabrication
  • Hydraulic issues and maintenance
  • Electrical issues

Down on Your Luck?

We offer emergency roadside assistance for those days when your liftgate goes on strike. If your liftgate gets stuck in halfway up or down, give us a call for quick loading dock or roadside service. For more extensive repairs we’ll even help you secure/stow your gate for safe transport to our 20,000 square foot, 13-bay shop.

Smooth Sailing

At Ainsworth, we understand the value of your trailer, and want to help you make it last – not only with quality repairs, but by helping you stay up-to-date on preventative maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation (and a few less emergency road calls). Talk to an Ainsworth Trailer Repair professional about the right schedule for your trailer. How often will vary based on liftgate use.
Discover the Ainsworth Trailer Repair difference, and why customers return to our service center again for our stellar reputation, competitive pricing, and workmanship. Contact us today.