Trailer Axle Repair

trailer axle repair

Keep Your Budget from Going Off-Course with Trailer Axle Repair & Maintenance

Are your overlooked trailer axle repair needs costing you? Axle issues resulting from bumped, neglected, and often abused trailers can really do a number on your business and your budget.

How many tires has your trailer eaten this year?

Unusual tire wear-and-tear is typically the first sign of axle issues. If you’re eating through tires and you’ve checked the obvious, you need the expert eye of Ainsworth Trailer Repair to correct axle issues before re-investing in tires yet again.

Axle Misalignment Can Result in a Variety of Issues

Vehicle vibration

    Misalignment leading to increased steering wheel and in-cab vibration levels makes drivers uncomfortable and can lead to muscle fatigue and stress.

Lost fuel economy

    Dog-tracking and other alignment issues that cause increased rolling resistance forcing your vehicle to fight the road kill fuel economy – and eventually engines.

Safety issues

    Uneven tire wear and alignment issues reduce vehicle stability and the ability of the driver to maneuver, as well as create the potential for lost tread and blowouts, creating safety issues in a host of settings.

Costly breakdowns

    Properly aligned axles reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and accidents, keeping vehicles safely on the road.

Keeping Things In-Line

Axle geometry and axle components should be regularly inspected every 6-12 months and alignment adjusted to ensure straight, true tracking. This is done through the adjustment of axle orientation, axle toe, and axle camber.

What’s Sending You Off-Course?

At Ainsworth, we can identify and repair…

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Axle damage from heavy breaking or accidents
  • Axle misalignments from off-roading (curbs, bumps, potholes)
  • Steer-axle adjustment issues and subsequent road wander
  • Excessive axle toe-in (wheels closer together in the front) wearing the outside edge of tires
  • Excessive axle toe-out (wheels closer together in the back than the front) wearing the inside edge
  • Excess camber or bent axles resulting in rapid (tire) shoulder wear
  • Caster issues leading to increased steering efforts or shimmying
  • Tandem axle misalignment leading to excess tire wear on all 4 wheels
  • Shifted axles (common in boat trailers)
  • Poor axle alignment/geometry in relation to the fifth wheel kingpin
  • Axle component issues effecting performance
    1. Fasteners
    2. Hubs and wheel bearings
    3. Spindles
    4. Brake spiders
    5. Camshaft and camshaft bushings
    6. Lubrication
    7. Identification of bent axles versus bent spindles, wheels, or frame following damage

Maximize performance and safety while minimizing unnecessary expenses with the help of Ainsworth Trailer Repair. Our state-of-the-art facility and skilled trailer axle repair technicians have just what it takes to get (and keep) you on track. Contact us today.