FHWA Inspections

Behind on FHWA Inspections?

FHWA inspections save fleets and owner-operators the expense of roadside repairs, towing, down time, and fines. The necessary inspection paperwork is essential to a trouble-free trip, and is quickly and easily obtained from your local Ainsworth Trailer Repair facility.

Annual Inspections Make Good Sense – And They are Required

Critical to the safety of fellow roadside passengers, your drivers, and equipment – not to mention your business’ reputation, annual inspections are required by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Commercial vehicles may only operate on the roadways after completing and passing a vehicle inspection at least once every 12 months. Deficiencies found in the vehicle and deemed necessary for repair must be addressed before they can lead to costly and inconvenient mechanical breakdowns, or result in accidents. Failure to comply could result in fines and infractions, and ultimately lead to your vehicle being placed out of service.

The Best Protection: Make Sure Every Aspect of the Vehicle is Thoroughly Inspected

A qualified inspector of commercial vehicles, Ainsworth Trailer Repair offers fast, affordable annual vehicle inspections. With a thorough understanding of both inspection criteria and the inner workings of your hauler, Ainsworth can not only detect issues before they cause concern, but quickly and affordably rectify them, getting you back on the road fast.

What is Checked During Inspections?

  • Tires and tire air pressure
  • Wheels and rims
  • Parking brakes, service brakes, and trailer brake connections
  • Steering mechanisms
  • Mirrors, horn and wipers
  • Lighting devices and reflectors
  • Battery
  • Air and electrical lines and connections
  • Axles and wheel bearings
  • Body, frame and suspension condition
  • Fuel tank (visible parts)
  • Coupling devices
  • Vehicle/cargo weight
  • Engine bay, fluids and components (belts, hoses)
  • Exhaust
  • Visible fuel tank parts
  • License plate inspection stickers
  • Emergency equipment
  • And other essential parts and systems

The Ainsworth Way

Serving the Denver area and loyal clientele nationwide for over 20 years, Ainsworth Trailer Repair’s reputation for excellence encompasses both its thorough inspections, and affordable, lasting OEM-quality repairs. Stop-by for FHWA inspections, stay for the stellar service. Discover the Ainsworth Trailer Repair difference today.